Drz 400 wont idle

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Replaced plug, cleaned air filter, verified fuel flow, and sprayed carb cleaner everywhere he could. If anyone has any ideas on why the bike wont idle that would be great, please dont write back saying about cleaning the carb as it really is completely spotlesst, iv not had it off 4 times to try and find something blocking something but there is no dirt in there atall. That is after $400 for sewer cleanouts, new tires & TPMS sensors on both cars and other unexpected expenses. Mar 18, 2011 · Have you check to see if your throttle cable or carb is going down all the way if you adjust idle does it change. I've been riding (and reading CW) since 1969. Here Fast -Personal Service 1. This is a recording of my truck at idle: 994Runner Idle Here is my truck when I try to increase the idle. Oct 20, 2017 · – Buyer’s Guide / Review | 2018 Honda Dual Sport Motorcycle: XR650L (XR650LJ) – Ole faithful is back again for 2018 – the XR650L! For the XR650L, Honda basically combined the off-road chassis of the XR600 with the electric-start engine of the NX650, creating one of the most capable dual-sport bikes on the market when […] The idle air screw adjusts the idle mixture. At 11. The secret to understanding the critical nature of the carburetor set up and the advantages of a WEBER over other carburetors is the Idle circuit. Function ofa carburetor The function of a carburetor is to produce combustible air-fuelmixture, by breaking fuel into tiny particles (in the form of vapor) and by mixing the fuel with air in a proper ratio, and to deliver the 24 Jan 2018 Sorry for the vertical video. Just got myself a DRZ 400e the problem I have is,it will start and run lovely on choke,but as soon as the choke turned off,it splutters to a stop. Previous owner said some type of vacuum diaphram needed to be replaced and there was evidence the carb had been apart. Move throttle slightly the response should be smooth. Be sure that your carburetor's pilot jet is the correct size and that the idle air mixture screw is correctly adjusted before looking for other causes of popping. ill have to get some messurments first to find out how long the straight 6 is but i dont think its gonna fit at all look i have a 2003 honda cr85 that wont start I've changed a Magneto change the spark plug to the carburetor rebuild kit and check the reeds I know it needs a new stator I push started it once and got it to crank up but after that it won't do nothing but bog out trys tp start but wont it doesn't seem to be getting gas it had a little bit of BBR Motorsports is the industry's premier adult four-stroke playbike performance technology company. Suzuki Service Repair Manual Free PDF sv650, rm250, gs500, dl1000, gn250, bandit, vl800, dl650, gz250, intruder, sv1000, gs550, gladius, rm125, dr350 Polaris Ranger 400 Parts,Polaris Ranger 500 Parts,Polaris Ranger 700 Parts,Polaris Ranger 800 Parts,Polaris Ranger 900 Parts,Polaris Ranger Brakes i have used it in a few high mileage engines. transcanimports. the motor in the DRZ is that much faster and lighter. And worse, many claims of lean conditions and rich conditions are contradictory. Very little traffic and smooth sailing so far and not a single po po to be seen. . com! Domain for sale or lease. How to install a kick starter on the DR-Z400. Miscellaneous Carb Questions FAQ compiled & edited by Kristian #562 Please read the Disclaimer before attempting any work in this FAQ. My 2005 Drz 400 is not starting What can that be? I have a 2004 drz 400 that was not used for aobut 5 months. Went out and finally managed to get my exhaust fitted to my downpipes using a gasket I made from a can of Macaroni Cheese Anyway, tried to start my bike after it and it wouldn't start, it was turning over but just wouldn't fire up, then it sounded like it was backfiring Battery got drained so I just fully charged it and same is happening - turning over but not firing up! In order to truly tune my carb, I want a better understanding of the symptoms of lean vs the symptoms of rich. high on half and full choke as expected and then when off choke it has a kinda rough idle  Motoparty Carburetor Fuel Screw, Carburetor Pilot Air Fuel Mixture Screw Adjuster For Suzuki DRZ400 DRZ 400 S SM DRZ400S DRZ400SM, Use safe material and will not do harm to your vehicle. Of course, it should go without saying that proper maintenance is the key to that longevity, and Suzuki's engineers have made your life easy in that regard. (Pilot circuit clogged) The choke circuit is just like the idle circuit, only more rich. In reply to: ----- Poster: FFRacing79. i recently purchased a 1969 ds6-b, now when i first started riding it before having to replace the battery, i, being a newbie, someway or another thought the choke up (towards me) was off and pushing it down was on. Key on, lights on, motor off - around 12 volts is good. When installing an aftermarket exhaust, proper tuning is a must. The Cyclepedia Kawasaki KLX400 and Suzuki DR-Z400 online service manual features detailed full-color photographs and wiring diagrams, complete specifications with step-by-step procedures performed and compiled by a veteran Suzuki dealer trained motorcycle technician. Apr 11, 2018 · Yes. No other way to easily adjust the idle. If the fuel mixture is miss-adjusted, your bike will run rough and stumble across the  Keihin FCR39 on 2000-2002 KTM 250/400/520 (Slant FCR) fully hot, and turning the fuel screw inwards until the idle slows or runs rough, then turn outwards . i have little trouble keeping up with the The upper o-ring is easy enough, just pull the valve covers and fire it up- watching for any oil coming from the base of an injector. I just got a 05 trx450r and it backfires on deceleration after a 1/4 -1/2 or more throttle usage. If you have a stuck engine valve, your vehicle won’t run like it should. The funds are simply not available. FCR carb, just cleaned and inspected. So obviously fuel isn't getting into the motor, what am I missing that it would have been running perfectly and now it wont even start? I mainly use this bike for a backwoods hunting trip which is in about a month. I did everything to try to get it to run properly. What I would do is try adjusting the idle mixture screw, it might be all that is required to eliminate the popping. Please Note: Other than exact replacement OEM carburetors, all Mikuni Aftermarket Carburetors and Tuning Components are sold “As Is” for Off Road / Racing Use Only and are not intended or approved for use on vehicles operated on Public Roads or in Locations where applicable engine tampering and anti-pollution laws apply. After much work and diagnosis, it has been running fine, idle at around 700 or 800 RPM, starting on the first Mar 22, 2010 · DRZ 400 Owners: I need tip, tricks, advice Thread starter poser; how could the valves get out of adjustment during the idle period. After taking the carb off, and putting it back on, I somehow bent the idle setting screw that stops the throttle wheel from going fully closed. Have had it to the desert, the woods, the twisties and put more miles on it than any of my other 41 bikes. Aug 15, 2008 · An idle set too high can cause a 1994 Nissan Pathfinder to run at a high RPM in 5th gear. This makes them require excess choking (which wouldn’t be so bad if the fast idle ramp was curved better). Scroll down to bottom of page for other parts . Got a vtr250 - great bike and still learning. I know the vaccum tube is on. I have a 1997 2 door 4WD 5 speed RAV4 with high miles, about 200,000. Sorry for the vertical video. start to be sure it was ok I bolted it onto the aforementioned mates DRZ that started ok with 2003 Suzuki Drz 125 Motorcycles for sale. A: These bikes are LEAN from the factory to meet emissions, Doing the Carb mod like in my Hawk video is the single best improvement you can do for more power and Aug 17, 2011 · Suzuki DRZ 400 - Carburetor Problem - Won't Start -- Possible Aug 16, 2011 I had a carb problem and here is how I fixed it. Engineering from the minds of racers, coupled with the latest in CAD and CNC technology, allows BBR to house one of the largest selections of innovative four-stroke MX performance parts in the world. Just had carb rebuilt and jetted. The only way to get it to idle normally was by physically closing the TB by hand or Sep 05, 2010 · Hello,i have a 2002 Eiger that i bought new,i have only put 900 miles on it,it stays in my garage most of the time,last oct. this link Performance Mods Section When I bought my first ninja 250 it was a wreck with 21 miles on it. I replaced the gas with fresh gas also and put a new plug in the bike 2002 suzuki drz 400 wont idle last time i rode the bike it ran fine about 2 months ago. If you're not 100% certain you have peak idle, start counting the turns out from the spot you think is peak idle. After travelling with my faithful steed (DRZ 400 SM) from London, through then adjust the pilot screw until the point where you get maximum idle speed. There is the back up from a few hundred other riders who have either made or bought manual tensioners for their bikes; KLX/KZ/GPz/ZR/ZX/ZL/ZG and DRz. Interested parties may send email to the following address: It is not a guesstimate in the mechanical aspect, but it is not a statistically proven situation since I only have had a few engines at my access. Now what? Here's how to start a bike that doesn't want to turn News, bike and gear reviews, expert advice, how-to guides, history, and great lists. Credit to Mr-Cob at ADVrider for this guide. Idle screw is turned all DRZ400SM won't start. In the video the bike is warmed up but will not start without the choke. Sep 15, 2010 · Keihin 39 FCR or hot cams on my 2009 DRZ400SM. The '07 upgrade from a 13 to 14-inch front wheel helps the 400 feel almost bike-like, and Suzuki claims the new front has increased the available banking angle to 43 degrees. Inspect initially after 20 hours (1 month) and every 200 hours (12 months). While exhaust system popping may be considered normal, it is certainly made worse by an overly lean idle circuit. This is only at idle and does not effect anything above idle. The bike has a full FMF system and has a main 165 jet which is clear and not blocked,it was serviced back in july which included a carb clean,plus I have cleaned it today again and put fresh fuel in. 1-15 of 19. Top Cover All 1030-897-2000 021-710 kfx 400 wont start . Terms often used are: Stuttering Hesitating Running Rough etc etc. My only gripe would be that carb removal & installaton is a PITA. The mod that gives the most hp gain per dollar for the DRZ is a big bore kit. Thanks. Suzuki DRZ 400 SM - carb problems - can you help an overlander make it home? The issues started with some dirty fuel purchased in Pakistan, this crippled the bike - losing power sporadically at medium rpms. any help would be great. It had been a while since my last ride - about 5 Jan 21, 2016 · In addition to the ignition quirks, he addressed another common problem with these bikes: the “off-idle” flat spot on ’75-’77 models. Nov 27, 2012 · To find your vaccum leak, choose one of the above and spray or point in the suspect areas while engine is idling. I had same problem on my Drz 400 after I changed carb and it was carb rubbing on frame not letting cable return all the way to idle stop. people are funny! they wont step up the oil grade on a wore out engine but they will dump a bottle of lucas in!!! Burns it's oil quicker than petrol, smokes and stinks and now it won't even idle. The factory manual and the Haynes manual both say I should be at 37 psi max at idle. If you are unsure of what kind of carburator you have on your DRZ400 the information below may help you May 05, 2017 · Not sure what carb you have or if it even has one of these since you haven't mentioned what year it is, but my klx650 has a vacuum slide carb and it has an air-cut valve/rubber diaphragm thingy on the side of it about 1-1/8" diameter that is supposed to richen the mixture when you back off the throttle to keep it from popping. Welcome to 4strokes. With the complete set of engine bearings in, next up was the crankshaft. Once you have a good idle with the screw within this range, you may proceed to the next stage: tuning the needle jet. In addition we have endured some seriously expensive output lately including a new clothes dryer yesterday and a new sewer line later this week. If you are looking for performance-related carb information See the Rejetting Spreadsheet accessed via. THE SECRET WORLD OF THE FUEL SCREW At up to a quarter-turn, your four-stroke’s carburetor slide doesn't process enough oxygen to effectively atomize fuel through the main circuit. Hi Ron, Can you help with this DRZ 400 Problem? Problem: Racing idle while choke is on (2000 rpm +) which drops to normal a idle when choke is turned off. But when throttles go bad you can go nowhere fast or just about anywhere even faster. The most common throttle problems a rider encounters is a broken throttle or a sticky throttle. The first task was to throw the crankshaft in some V blocks and check if the web to web measurements were within spec. People sometimes worry too much about a little smoke from an engine. I also removed the breather/catch tank & used a large bore fuel T-piece to route the hoses back in the airbox to carb pipe. com Elec -56 NGK SPARK PLUGS - MOTORCYCLE APPLICATIONS cc Model Year Regular With everything back in place, I started it up and again, the bike will run, but won't idle unless I give it a little throttle (probably less than 1/8 throttle). This is one of the best reliability modifications you can do to the DRZ400. I changed the plug ,no differents I rebuild the carb still no differents so what the hell. MRD DRZ 400 S If it will not idle, but seems to rev up, down, and then dies when you try to adjust the idle. it does its jobwhich is thicken the oil. After reset TPS and idle for 60 sec it wont show green tps indicator? I'm I never gonna see that agian? DRZ 400 Bad Idea. Warm the engine up to operating temperature. Stock Pre 96 Carb . Check your carb. Charging those batteries kills them. TollFree 1 800 661 9438 www. If it starts and idles good, but loses that good idle as it A factory OEM Honda air filter that says it is pre-oiled I'm sure it would be. It's a perfect day for a ride. Edelbrock is the most respected name in performance. Know where your timing is set before making carb adjustments. FCR-MX EXPLODED VIEW FCR-MX37, FCR-MX39, FCR-MX41. I just bought a 2002 drz400s with 10000 miles on it. Look at the side of the battery and it says how much charge they can take. Be sure to reset the idle stop to a low, or if you prefer, no idle, position. My 2002 DRZ 400e refuses to idle and i could use some help. Drz400 fcr39mx tuning help Discussion in ' Also, if you've turned the mixture screw out past 3 turns and it still wont idle below 2200 rpms, you need to go up on Information and reviews on DRZ400 Review as an Adventure Bike. its an 02 400 by the way. I originally put the carb back to together and the needle valve was leaking. The idea is to set the butterfly open as little as possible while maintaining a stable idle. Q: my bike won't run with the choke off, it spits, coughs and stalls. They say that if it's higher than that, I have a bad fuel pressure regulator. It is very important (even though it comes into play off idle). Now my truck will not idle above 1,500+/- RPMSI cannot drive it except to pull it in and out of my driveway. Put it back together again only to have the idle way high All Things Moto! Dirtbike Forums > Dirt Bike - ATV - Suspension Forums > 4-Stroke Dirt Bike Bike Forums > 4-Stroke Dirt Bikes - Suzuki: Drz 400 problems engine bogging . I bought a 2007 DRZ-400 with 500 miles on it. it develops exceptional power from idle to redline and incredibly crisp throttle response. Depending on carb this can adjust fuel or air. It means there is air in your cooling system, and this is always a bad thing. Be informed, be inspired, keep that right hand cranked. For that matter, how could 03 kfx 400 wont idle when hot and is super hard to start when hot it has brand new wiseco valves and a new carb kit also it stumps me any help please wont idle when hot or start - Suzuki Z400 Forum : Z400 Forums 2003 Suzuki DRZ 125, Here is a great entry level off road bike, the Suzuki DRZ125. I will say that compared to my DR600, the DRZ is an easy motor to work on, well laid out with reasonable access in the frame. Any change in idle RPM, whether up or down indicates a vacuum leak. Get it running and then see how your idle mixture screw works and plugs look. I overheated the KZ once. Adjust the idle to the required specification. If you do lock it up, simply pull in the clutch, hit the button, and dump the clutch! You?ll lose only a fraction of a When I Jumper the blue and green wire Fan stopped but wont turn back on when car got HOT. Connect a tachometer. IDLE SPEED. Basic Carb Adjusting Procedures/Guidelines - Timing can affect performance. For some reason, those 03 DRZ 400's had some crap batteries. The second i release throttle it dies. I was in bumper to bumper traffic for a long time. It could mean that air is somehow getting into an otherwise pressurized-liquid system, or it could mean that the the last time the coolant was changed, some air was Tuning Tips & Manual Downloads . Jump to Latest it now will pop start but wont start with the elecric start. Jul 19, 2015 · Also, if it will idle with the choke but not without, what it's doing is using the choke circuit as a pilot circuit. It has a FCR carb on it, FWIW. Please advise me on what the real symptoms of lean vs rich system is. Usually I can fix my own bikes, but this one has me stumped. once it starts the mid to top end is good but it will not go drz 400 idle problem, drz250 cold start, drz400 choke problems, drz400 wont idle, drz400s wont idle, during the heat of the day the idle speed is erratic drz400s, how long for drz 400 warm up, how to use drz 400e choke, my drz400 wont run when cold, suzuki drz 400 cold blooded, where is the idel control on a drz400 Fast, Free Shipping on Orders Over $79 on R&D Flex Jet Fuel Mixture Screw & and gear at MotoSport. Also replace the plug. Shop for Battery, like Shorai Lithium-Iron Battery at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. The Big Gun Power Box is a plug-and-play fuel controller that allows you to properly tune your fuel injected motorcycle, ATV or Side x Side … Motorcycle throttle cables consist of two steel cables that run from the grip of the throttle to the engine, to open and close the carburetor. Generally the pilot screw adjustment procedure involves turning the pilot screw in or out in small increments until the idle climbs as high as it will go. DRZ400 Crankshaft. 07 Suzuki DRZ 400 SM. You pull on your riding gear, hit the switch, and the motorcycle gods toss you a curveball: Nothing happens. I thought these engines were gravity fed though. 1) Idle screw: Let engine warm up. These things can cause erratic idling and strange running. 3. 032 SUZUKI SUZUKI. it started out the engine would die till it got warmed up,now it misses and pops i dont know it its a backfire or not,but it seems to do it most when im in 1st gear,when i Stop at that instant and turn it back in again. i think it is rare for a DRZ to have issues when they are this new. New Keihin PWK Air Striker idle The DR650SE engine has an outstanding reputation for long, trouble-free service life. DRZ Parts, DRZ400 Parts. I only have 3000km on mine and haven't "tested" it in all conditions yet but the only sign I have had of it pinking on 91 is winding the throttle open from dead idle (not a good idea). Thanks for your support! May 11, 2010 · this just happened this morning, I tried starting my bike and I failed, I tried starting it again while giving it a bit of throttle and it worked, but it wont stay on unless i keep it on about 2-3krpm, is there something wrong with the carb or what? thanks in advance! xD my bike's an old Honda VT250 spada btw. but it wont even stay running on primary. Apr 21, 2012 · I've seen several posts about stalling, rough idle, etc, but nothing that seems to match my experience last night. Then adjust the idle mixture screw to achieve an idle as high as possible. Then lower the idle speed with the idle screw and do it again until you get the best idle. Referred to as the low speed circuit by Weber, this circuit is responsible for 80% of the driving operation. 5 is OK but that will not keep a battery charged. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used motorcycles, used roadbikes, used dirt bikes, scooters, and mopeds for sale. I've been working on diagnosing it and here's my data thus far: - I can't get it to fire with starter fluid sprayed right into the airbox. bike seem to start and Feb 11, 2009 · DRZ400- Only push start. Idle speeds of 1,400-1,600 RPM are known to work well. 2) Pilot screw or Air screw also sometimes called a mixture screw. a 6 cylender cummins is a straight 6 and it is long as hell its not a v6. I purchased the crankshaft from here: DRZ400 Crankshaft. the prev owner whent to start is and it would Jul 21, 2009 · 2003 suzuki z400 Runs good on idle but will not rev hardly at all likr not enough fuel or spark being limited, any - Answered by a verified Motorcycle Mechanic so I got my new fcr 39 carb (not new, used non mx version) in today and put it on everything smooth and it started right up but dies after a little bit. , and needs the slightest tweeking to get it dialed back in. Suzuki Pe - Sporting Goods for Sale: 1980 suzuki pe175 in Clarksville, 1982 SUZUKI PE 175 in Los Angeles, 1980 Suzuki PE175 in Portland, 1976 Suzuki PE 250cc Dirt in Klamath Falls, Suzuki PE 250 in Elkton. A couple of degrees can make a big difference in acceleration characteristics. When I search online for replacement FPRs, they all say in the specs that they are 45 PSI. Now it wont start, there is fuel getting to the carb when I empty the bowl, and it will start with starting fluid then immediately die. Sudco has a very nice exploded diagram of the carb, as do the online KTM parts fiche at Cyclezone. Lately, it has suddenly stopped running (usually after a few seconds at 1 product rating 1 product ratings - Suzuki 2000-16 DRZ400S DRZ 400 Carburetor Repair Kit Needle Float Gasket 03-841 So, my neighbor and I left my place We took hwy 8 east to the 79 and took that up and around Lake Cuyamaca and into Julian. Return the idle to specification with the idle adjuster. 400rwhp VX manual Wagon I am pretty sure about 3-4 days ago I was searching through Youtube for the sound of a 232/234 cam idle. A lot of popping on deceleration. A rough engine idle or stalling is a common complaint, but in some cases can be difficult to resolve. Do it mate you wont regret yeah well my brother wrecked during the week and didnt tell anyone after they fixed it and i rode it today and i heard the clicking a bit but it went away and then i got back home ate. If the engine rpm doesn't pick up after a 1/4 twist, turn it back to the original spot. If the pilot screw’s best idle position is outside the 1/4 to 3-1/2 turn range, the carburetor’s mixture will be either too lean or too rich as the throttle is just being raised off the idle position. ectwent to start it up and a horribly LOUD crack! and it wont start now so idk if the piston or something cracked in half or what but there picking it up tomorrow morning for a engine rebuild and its gonna be 2001 V6 throttle stutter [SOLVED sort of] This video is taken right after start up and just letting it idle and warm up not touching anything (towards the end the Start the engine and warm it up to normal operating conditions. Some bikes lack aftermarket parts to kit them out as adventure bikes however the DRZ400 has a number of companies producing a wide range of aftermarket products to adequately set up a DRZ400 as an adventure bike. com domain for sale. 4strokes. I cleaned the carb and replaced the pilot jet and blew out the carb really good. Jun 22, 2012 · My DRZ400 (2003 model with ~15k miles) wont start. Here is another method to adjust it. This is a good example of how basic engine diagnostic tests can work to pinpoint the root cause of the cars problem. It doesnt do anything! The 400 excels at low-speed maneuvering, and throwing it around corners with the velocity cranked up a bit, the Burgman was stable and more than adequate. It aint much. We have serviced this one, it has a new drive chain, and brakes. i have owned other bike such as XR250, TTR250 and a XR650. This is especially true with the pre1996 DR650s that like to stall at low RPMs. once it starts it idles for maybe 2-5 seconds and it dies, we’ve tried tapping the throttle to keep it running white we fiddle with adjustments but we have found no success, currently it sits at 2 turn out on the A/F screw, and the idle screw does nothing regardless of position. Screw the air screw in and out until you get the highest idle speed. The new uncorked DRZ was running beautifully and could now wheelie in second so the stoked I had some problems like that and replaced the battery. These bikes have slightly different carb jetting, but they are all rather lean on the idle circuit. Regretfully the answer is no. hey guys, some times when im riding and im on the throttle then let off the quad will idle down and stall, does it more so when its cold. You have to take the seat off to check this. Genuine OEM parts shipped direct from a dealer. The DRZ400 is a great bike. Suzuki ATV Spark Plug Chart (NGK Brand Plugs) Kohler Spark Plug 14 132 11 Cross Reference Gas Stations That Sell 100% Gasoline - No Ethanol Tecumseh Engine Intake and Exhaust Valve Clearances Kohler Engine Spark Plug Application Chart welcome got it in the right area too mate both drz and xr's should idle about the same rev, that's not to say your mates drz might be set idling to low when in 1st gear it shouldn't pull away as you release the clutch without throttle If you've ever had a dirt bike that the throttle sticks, or that the throttle return action is a little slow and stays on long after you're done using it, or if you've ever had to (or still do now) turn the throttle back to closed manually when you are ready to shut-off, you're braver than I if you're still riding it and the tips below will ensure your throttle reliably snaps shut and should My fuel pressure reading at idle is 45 psi. fix your item 1 / 2. Hi so I was just after some help determining what's wrong with my yamaha xvs 400, when in gear it rolls. at first in started smoking, then it wouldn't idle and finally it wouldn't run at all. Asked in Cars & Vehicles, Toyota Corolla, Grand Prix GT, Sep 23, 2009 · I put fresh gas in it and kicked it over and let it run at idle for about 10 minutes. See our vacuum ports. ima share whats going on with my bike. As soon as the choke is turned off, you have to keep revving to keep it alive. In short, ain't gonna happen. i cant get a hold of the guy who owned it before me so i cant ask him about the bike but he did say it had a big bore kit . com. The bike would start from cold, but once warmed up, it would not idle, and once it was warm, it would not re-start. We have the best prices on dirt bike, atv and motorcycle parts, apparel and accessories and offer excellent customer service. but it wont be far behind. Find amazing local prices on used motorbike & scooter parts for sale in Scotland Shop hassle-free with Gumtree, your local buying & selling community. The YFZ ignition actually has two timing curves, a partial throttle curve and a full throttle curve. • Check and/or adjust idle speed after engine speed has stabilized. The reason some people spend the extra money for pre oiled is that it is oiled properly not to much or too little and it should be the same consistency on every portion of the foam. I've had the carb out so many times I can do it with one hand! Basically it wont ever idle at the same point, so it's either revving like crazy or just cutting out, or sometimes chugging along just nicely. Below is a video on how to find vacuum leaks. If your ignition timing is way off or if the automatic spark advance is stuck. However, this time (after cleaning the carb) it does seem to require less throttle to keep it running than it did before I cleaned the carb (maybe needed 1/8-1/4 throttle). Achieving the best idle at under 2 turns indicates the need for a smaller idle jet. 3 compression, I would expect it to be a bit intollerant of 91 but to me it seems OK and I prefer to run the "cleanest" gas possible. Click here for other parts not listed below. Ok people, so after many months of frustration and pulling my hair out, I finally got to the bottom of my high idle problem. suzuki xl7 campaign 2002 suzuki drz 400 specs 06 suzuki ltz400 quadsport swing arm haulers for suzuki 50 atv suzuki aerio mpg suzuki fourwheeler suzuki pittsburgh pa change oil in suzuki quadsport suzuki 2008 atv suzuki gsxr 600 for sale rockwell axles in a suzuki used suzuki suv's suzuki sidekick 1997 sport troubleshooting 2002 suzuki bandit suzuki xl7 campaign 2002 suzuki drz 400 specs 06 suzuki ltz400 quadsport swing arm haulers for suzuki 50 atv suzuki aerio mpg suzuki fourwheeler suzuki pittsburgh pa change oil in suzuki quadsport suzuki 2008 atv suzuki gsxr 600 for sale rockwell axles in a suzuki used suzuki suv's suzuki sidekick 1997 sport troubleshooting 2002 suzuki bandit Jul 20, 2019 · It's a beautiful morning, the sun is shining, the birds are singing. A bad transmission gasket can also cause this. On my DR350, a starting point is 2 full rotations out from lightly seating it against the carb body. Any number of reasons can impact the performance of the dirt bike's "gas pedal" including bad maintenance or dama SMOKING ENGINE Implications - BE-104A. Motor running at idle - above 13 volts is good. Easy to ride, easy to own. High idle to around 3000 rpm - 14 to 14. Suzuki make some of the best performing, longest lasting vehicles on and off the road. - carefully pull out the idle mix screw (fuel screw) and check that there is a washer, oring, and small spring on the end. I put a muzzy on it and pods so I took it to a shop for them to fix. To keep a four-stroke engine from stumbling all over itself, engineers designed a separate carburetor inside the main body. Drivers use these two cables, the front cable and the idle-hand throttle cable, to accelerate the bike, just like a pedal is used to accelerate a car A Mikuni carburetor is a specific type of carburetor that is manufactured in Japan and used in a variety of Japanese motorcycles, including Yamaha, Honda and Kawasaki. can cause idle problems on some bikes. I took the carb off, cleaned the jets, and sprayed with compressed air in the holes as best as i could. There is no power and can't really get past more than a few MPH. Forum Main Tech Help/Race Shop Bike dies when you give it throttle. Apr 06, 2009 · Tech How-To****There are few things more frustrating to a rider ready to ride than a motorcycle that won't start. If an engine has fuel, spark and The Sparks Racing TPS Bypass Plug is a very simple fix for a seemingly complex problem within the 2004-2011 YFZ450 ignition system. Instead of paying a mechanic to fix your car's stuck valve for you, follow these four steps to rectify the problem Hi guys not overly technical so please be patient. Suzuki make the DRZ400E Dual sport and DRZ400SM supermoto versions for the but my idle drops back down after a few seconds (maybe 5-10) back to normal. 1. all these bike where ether under powered or to heavy, suzuki has set the standard for the muilty perpose bike. and you could hear the idle "change" as the mixture went from COLD to 207 F (by inserting a 220 Ohm resistor into the connector). It idles fine at quarter throttle and does not sputter when i roll on throttle. Being carbureted the idle will be low when it's cold and you'll have to hold the idle up with your throttle grip. 5 volts is what you want to see. Let me use an idle complaint that had me on the ropes as an example. Will start and run, but wont idle without the choke on. Jan 21, 2016 · my drz stopped working recently, after riding for 15 min it just cut out, i can start the bike up but it will run for only about 5 min then it cuts out, it also doesn't rev fully every time i pulled the throttle, only every second or so rev it revs all the way, the battery also tends to de charge very very fast. Once it cooled down it was fine, one of the reflectors did melt a little though. the bt4 is a straight 4 and it will fit width is not the main issue, length is the biggest problem. Shop with the guys that ride! 400 TS400 72-75 BR8ES BR8EIX 0. Just to recap, my rig would idle at 1700 ish even after it was up to temperature. i was guessing a jetting problem? it wont start on its own 50% of the time. They weigh just 9 pounds less Find Dirt Bikes for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. so I put a stock pipe back on it. Hotter oils probably won't make a difference and neither will short rides . I have a 2000 Suzuki DRZ400S with about 14,000 miles on it. Gearing can also be a significant factor. As the DR650's carburetor is barely adequate and a carburetor upgrade can make a huge difference in perceived performance, responsiveness, fuel effeciency and reliability. You can rocket to nearly 200 mph on the Suzuki Hayabusa Superbike, or climb up and over the toughest obstacles on the King Quad ATV. But a silent machine need not stay that way. what could be the issue??? it sounds like its gasping for fuel and only will stay on when the choke is on. you may think that an XR400 might keep up? it wont. Although it sounds like a minor issue, this tiny valve can cause numerous problems — even engine failure. Motorcycle Specs: Honda XR250L Specifications About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. 2003 Suzuki Drz 125 Motorcycles for sale. Nov 30, 2010 · - the pilot/idle jet may be dirty and you are actually idleing on the main. i'm a new rider, and only know about spark plugs and batteries so far. I've read all the advice given. Bike The stock Mikuni BST40SS carburetor in DR650s leave much to be desired. but yet it can sit and hold a good idle while parked. Upgrading a DRZ400 for Adventure Riding. • Before checking idle speed, check throttle link mechanism and throttle valve for smooth operation. 125cc of four stroke fun. When they go, they crap the whole bike out. Oct 24, 2006 · DRZ400 backfiring on deceleration. Properly setting timing may cure ills without getting into carbs. You got an air leak in the carb manifold or gasket. every now and then my idle adjustment dial needs to I've got a pretty much stock DRZ400e, and have been trying to get it to idle properly for weeks now. Any ideas:nenau Fixing the Dreaded Lean Bog on Keihin FCR Carburetors: I recently had the pleasure of performing a complete frame down rebuild on a 2007 CRF250R that came to me with an intolerable bog issue when the throttle was stabbed from idle or low RPM (both when riding, and on the stand). Many DRZ's will show the highest voltage at idle and the voltage drops as the rpm goes up. buut,. Lower the idle with the idle thumb screw until the engine is about to stall. It is a good idea to occasionally adjust a Mikuni carburetor to ensure optimal engine performance and to make sure that your bike is not putting unnecessary strain on the engine. Ended Drz 400 Suzuki runs bad on low end and will not idle it runs fine on top end. Since 1938, Edelbrock has manufactured its core products in the USA for quality & performance. It died at idle at a stop sign with little sputtering and hasn't fired off since. Okay guys here's what's up. Find Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki & Honda motorcycle parts, Polaris ATV parts, PWC parts, and more! Are you nuts? Charge the battery! Watts used the e-button every time he raced the 520, 400 and 250 RFS KTMs! Actually, the electric starter is a little slow for Pro Row starts, but it gives great confidence for charging turns. Lectron is celebrating 45 years of helping riders get the most from their vehicles with our high performance carburetors and EFI. MRD DRZ 400 S Sep 10, 2008 · DRZ Billowing White Smoke - Anyone want to Help? Are you sure new sport bikes wont shut off when they hit a certain temp? DRZ 400 Low Miles: The only other thing I can think of is the idle mixture adjustment. If not smooth then adjust idle about 15% higher than factory recommended stock setting. before he sold it to me he took of the aftermarket pipe. I've got a pretty much stock DRZ400e, and have been trying to get it to idle properly for weeks now. Sep 14, 2018 · Another sign of lean running is the “hunting idle” where the motorcycle revs up randomly, changes RPMs, or takes forever to come down to idle. I'd much prefer my bike to a DR, I dislike them. Do you know if it has a dynojet thunderslide or new needle etc? Anyhow, those jets would be a good start. Welcome To PJMotorsports For All Your Keihin-Mikuni Carburetors Buy Your Keihin FCR, CR Special, PWK, PJ, PE, PWM. So then this morning, I got my old a/c pipes and cut off the pipe connecting the Compressor's sensor and plugged it back in and the radiator fan stopped! I drove the car to work, parked, and left it on idle. The lower o-rings are a little tricky, since you cannot physically see them. It is possible (and likely) that after 12K, your idle mixture has changed because of wear, dirt, etc. Find amazing local prices on Honda 125 for sale Shop hassle-free with Gumtree, your local buying & selling community. If it will idle on its own with a TINY bit of throttle, you need to adjust your idle up. No change! Then I tried adjusting the fuel screw on the bottom of the carb. Suzuki says 13. i was so anxious waiting for the fan to start. All's right with the world. Smoke is not good, but most times a little smoke is not detrimental to operation of the engine and not immediately terminal in nature. NOTE: • Before checking idle speed, engine should be allowed to warm up. 5. It has sat since 2009, so I cleaned the carb and put fresh gas in it, along with a new fuel filter, spark plug, oil change, and a new petcock. Brother's new 99 400 will idle for 5-30 min then die suddenly. and then you richen the mixture with Although my memory isn't all that great, I'm pretty sure I have the 195, but had to go with something smaller than the 48 as it idled too rich. drz 400 wont idle